Shanna Moakler Becomes Another Candy Spelling And Won't Mind Her Own Business

At 32 years of age, Shanna Moakler is most famous for being in lame pageants, being engaged and having offspring with boxer Oscar De La Hoya, then marrying and divorcing and having kids with Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker and having Barker raise De La Hoya's offspring too. She seems obsessed with the younger, prettier girls like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan and she's hungry for the level of fame and independent wealth (i.e., on your OWN, without marrying into money) that these young women have.

The former Playboy Playmate is coming out on the attack against these women in which she envies. Unlike Candy Spelling, who used the celebrity website to post open letters to Paris, Joe Francis and Larry Birkhead, Shanna took the MySpace route to express her...envy.
Shanna just posted - on Monday 5/28/07 - the following rant on her MySpace on her official blog:

"When you making 8 million dollars a film.....HIRE A DRIVER!!
I've been getting a lot of letters asking my thoughts on recent events, so here it goes.... I know a lot of people think karma is going around and yeah I guess it might be, but to me..this is far from karma, if anything people like Paris love this shit, walking out of a court house to be met by a bevy of paparzzi like princess diana...carrying the bible around...loves it! Karma will be the day she's married and has kids and her husband goes and fucks a 22 yr old and knocks her up. I don't find happiness in others when they are down, but I sure in hell don't feel bad for people who play the victim constantly and are far from it. People who feel it's their job to make people feel beneath them or take opportunities others would die for an shit on them and frankly make a mockery of. So as the penis posse goes down one by one and enters jail or rehab...I don't really think anything of it...they just show me what I always knew and thought they were _________. ( you can fill in the blank)... "

I contacted Shanna a while back on MySpace to ask her to refrain from being so full of hate towards people, especially publicly, because she should think of her children and how that will affect them now and later in life. Shanna read the message, but never responded.
Shanna, please raise all those children and stop being so damn involved in other people's affairs. Be glad a man like Travis is with you again after your infamous "DIVORCE PARTY" you threw in your own honor not long ago talking smack about him before the reconciliation. Hardcore Blink 182 and Travis fans were NOT pleased with Shanna after she pulled that "DIVORCE PARTY"stunt.