Lindsay Lohan Open Letter From A Concerned Reader

Open letter in comments section for La Lohan from a concerned reader:

"Ten years from now you will have deep regrets for the choices you are making right now. People are making money off you and allowing you to do whatever you want because it puts money in their pocket. When your teeth are hurting or look like raisins in your gums and you suffer from sinus problems that won't go away and you have a pesky cough, or you are holed up in a dark room in a stupor, depressed that your losing your youthful looks, these people will not be there. They will not be there when you are irritable, sad and lonely because years of whatever have left you miserable. By then you will be called a washed up has-been demanding bitch and the people who are here today will walk away. By then they will be working the next big dollar machine, feeding it whatever to get their money! Remember, the life span of a hot, young actress is usually about five to seven years. The job of everyone around you right now is to keep you happy, because whatever makes you happy is paying their bills."All I can hope for you and all the other young women in your same shoes is that you prove the above words 100% wrong! Growing up means letting go of rebellion, accepting responsibility and fessing up when you screw up. It's really not that bad. Most people love the humble goodness in people, not the rebel wreaking havoc for attention. You are not your parents, you have the choice to break the cycle, before life breaks you or you break someone else!"

Kindest regards,