"I Know Who Killed Me" Opens In Theaters Today

Despite all the bad press La Lohan has been receiving lately, Lindsay does an exceptionally fantastic job in her latest film, I Know Who Killed Me, which opened today.

Lindsay Lohan is completely convincing in the lead role and the film is smart, sexy and scary. A compelling story from start to finish. A definite "must-see" summer film.

Lindsay's Accusers Speak

Three men claim they were in the car the night Lindsay Lohan allegedly chased down her assistant and got arrested for DUI.

Dante Nigro, Jakon Sutter and Ronnie Blake are friends with the boyfriend of Lindsay's former assistant Tarin Graham. Lindsay invited them to a party and they showed up, but only one of them was allowed in they claim. Dante, the white one was let in. They also claim that Lindsay and her assistant Tarin then got into a huge fight (a fight that is rumored to be over Tarin becoming enraged at La Lohan because she suspected she was sleeping with her boyfriend) and her assistant stormed off. The three guys were about to leave when Lindsay jumped into their white Denali and started to drive. One of the guys claims he got scared and jumped out and Lindsay ran over his foot.

Dante and Jakon say Lindsay then hit Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. Dante says he tried to grab the wheel, prompting Lindsay to say, "If you touch me I'll sue you." Jakon says they pleaded with her to stop.

Dante says they were going 100 MPH. They say Lindsay caught up with the assistant and began doing circles on PCH, around the assistant's car.
They say at one point, Lindsay boasted, "I can't get in trouble. I'm a celebrity. I can do whatever the fuck I want."

The now former assistant finally lost Lindsay on PCH. Dante says Lindsay thought the assistant was going to her mother's house in Santa Monica so Lindsay went there. It just so happened that the assistant's mother was pulling into the driveway as Lindsay arrived.
Dante says the mother panicked at Lindsay's crazy driving, and backed out of the driveway in fear -- not knowing who was behind the wheel. The guys say Lindsay then began to chase her at speeds of up to 80 MPH through Santa Monica, blowing multiple red lights.

Dante realized the mother was driving to the police station and warned Lindsay if she didn't stop she'd get in hot water. He says Lindsay responded, "I'm a celebrity. I'm not going to get in trouble."
The two cars stopped in a parking lot near the cop shop. When police arrived, Dante says it seemed as if Lindsay told officers, "I wasn't driving. The black kid was driving."

Dante and Jakon say they saw Lindsay flunk the field sobriety test. They say when she tried touching her nose, she almost fell over.
As Ronnie put it "It was pretty much the worst night of my entire summer."

They also state through their attorney:

"they never, ever expected to be in a car with her. It was a surprise to them"

"the vehicle was taken without their permission and they were unable to remove themselves while traveling, [and they were] endangered in that way" making it "false imprisonment."

Rumor has it that La Lohan was allegedly chasing Tarin and Tarin's mother (NBC's EXTRA skin specialist/beauty consultant Michelle Peck) in order to clear up the misunderstanding.

The truth of this matter will eventually come to light. It always does.


96 hours in jail for The Simple Life star, who was charged with misdemeanor driving under the influence of drugs earlier today in a Los Angeles courtroom, with boyfriend and father to her unborn child Joel Madden at her side. Nicole must report to jail by September 28, 2007.

Paris Hilton's Charitable Contributions To Society Continue

Paris Hilton attended the "Feed The Models, Save The World" charity event in California this week. The organization brings awareness to eating disorders within the fashion industry and the dangers of using "too thin" and "super skinny" models in fashion shows (remember the eating disorder related deaths of several international female models on the runaway recently?).

Paris is making good on her post-jail promise to give back to the community.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Set To Make NYC Muy Caliente!

This week Marc Anthony is set to perform a free concert for NBC's Today Show in NYC.

Then this weekend, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are scheduled to appear on the red carpet at the NYC premiere of their latest joint effort, the film El Cantante. The film tells the story of the late Puerto Rican salsa singer Hector Lavoe and his wife, Puchi, played by Marc and La Lopez. The film premiered in Puerto Rico last night and Lopez and Anthony looked fabulous on the red carpet, greeted by screaming fans.


"Rehab" by Rihanna

No, it's not the latest celebrity in's "Rehab" a hot (possibly THE hottest) track from Rihanna's latest (and in my opinion, the best) album Good Girl Gone Bad.

The song was written by Justin Timberlake (who also provided background vocals) and the beat was layed down by Timbaland.

Quite a fitting song given the recent current events...maybe certain celebrities should take a listen.

"Rehab"(feat. Justin Timberlake, Timbaland)

Baby, baby
When we first met
I never felt something so strong
You were like my lover
And my best friend
All wrapped into one
With a ribbon on it
And all of a sudden
When you left
I didn't know how to follow
It's like a shot
That spun me around
And now my heart left
I feel so empty and hollow

And I'll never give myself to another
The way I gave it to you
Don't even recognize
The ways you hit me do you?
It's gonna take a miracle to bring me back
And you're the one to blame
And now I feel like, oh
You're the reason why I'm thinking
I don't wanna smoke on these cigarettes no more
I guess that's what I get for wishful thinking
Should've never let you into my door
Next time you want to go on and leave
I should just let you go on and do it
'Cause now I'm using like I bleed

It's like I checked into rehab
Baby you're my disease
It's like I checked into rehab
Baby you're my disease
I gotta check into rehab
'Cause baby you're my disease
I gotta check into rehab
'Cause baby you're my disease

Ain't it crazy when you're loveswept
You'll do anything for the one you love
'Cause anytime that you needed me, I'd be there
It's like you were my favorite drug
The only problem is that you was using me
In a different way that I was using you
But now that I know that it's not meant to be
You gotta go, I got to ween myself off of you

And I'll never give myself to another the way I gave it to you
Don't even recognize the way you hit me, do you?
It's gonna take a miracle to bring me back
And you're the one to blame
'Cause now I feel like, oh
You're the reason why I'm thinking
I don't want to smoke on these cigarettes no more
Guess that's what I get for wishful thinking
Should have never let you into my door
Next time you want to go on and leave
I should just let you go on and do it
'Cause now I'm using like I bleed...
Using like I bleed

It's like I checked into rehab
Baby you're my disease
It's like I checked into rehab
Baby you're my disease
I gotta check into rehab
'Cause baby you're my disease
I gotta check into rehab
'Cause baby you're my disease

Lindsay Lohan Update

Lindsay Lohan is planning to return to rehab. At the time of posting, it was unclear whether or not she has actually checked in to any rehabilitation facility.

Happy Birthday Jennifer Lopez

Happy Birthday Jennifer Lopez!
(July 24)

La Lohan Gets Arrested Again

Shortly after 4am PST, Lindsay Lohan was arrested AGAIN and booked for DUI charges and drug possession. She is free on $25,000 bail USD.

Lohan failed a field sobriety test by the Santa Monica police department in California.

While being searched at the station, police found cocaine in her pocket.

Reportedly, she was driving a white Denali chasing her assistant and her assistant's mom in a black Escalade at around 2:15am PST, which caused the mother to call 911 on Lindsay.

All appearances by Lohan have reportedly been canceled (including tonight's premiere of I Know Who Killed Me, Lohan's mystery/horror/stripper flick opening Friday).

We hope she gets real help before it is too late for her life and career. It's hurtful to watch beautiful and talented people in distress.

UPDATE: Lindsay's attorney Blair Berk issued the following statement to the media:

"Addiction is a terrible and vicious disease. Since Lindsay transitioned to outpatient care, she has been monitored on a SCRAM bracelet and tested daily in order to support her sobriety. Throughout this period, I have received timely and accurate reports from the testing companies. Unfortunately, late yesterday I was informed that Lindsay had relapsed. The bracelet has now been removed. She is safe, out of custody and presently receiving medical care."

Tammy Faye Dies at age 65

Former televangelist and Christian Music singer Tammy Faye Messner (aka Tammy Faye Bakker) passed away on Friday at her home in Matthews, North Carolina. She died from complications of colon cancer which had recently spread to her lungs and was declared inoperable by medical specialists. Tammy Faye had been battling the disease since 1996.

Her last interview and television appearance was on Larry King Live on CNN. It aired on July 19th, just one day before her passing. The program was recorded a day earlier on July 18th; Tammy Faye died less than 48 hours after her final Larry King taping.

Before her death, she appeared on a season of Vh1's The Surreal Life reality show.

She also starred in the documentaries The Eyes of Tammy Faye and Tammy Faye: Death Defying.

In the late 1980's while working with her now ex-husband televangelist Jim Bakker, Tammy Faye's world was rocked when it was discovered that Jim had been involved in a sex scandal with church secretary Jessica Hahn (who later posed for Playboy). They later divorced and Tammy Faye married church builder Roe Messner in 1993.

Tammy Faye has developed a devoted fan base in the gay and specifically drag queen communities. A drag entertainer dubbed Tammy Faye Sinclair performs in the West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky areas. Tammy Faye Messner has also been known as one of the few evangelical Christians who had the support of the gay community. She was one of the first televangelists to reach out to those with AIDS when it was a little-known and much-feared disease. In return, she told Larry King in July, "When I went -- when we lost everything, it was the gay people that came to my rescue, and I will always love them for that."

She provided a sentimental touch to stories and loved to sing. In a move that sharply distinguished her from other televangelists, she showed a more tolerant attitude when it came to homosexuals, and she featured people living with AIDS on PTL (PTL=Praise The Lord, a evangelical television program Tammy Faye and Jim Bakker ran until the Jessica Hahn scandal, at which point the late Jerry Falwell took over). Tammy Faye would frequently be seen on PTL urging her viewers to follow Christ and show sympathy and pray for the sick.

Tamara Faye LaValley Bakker Messner
March 7, 1942 - July 20, 2007

Christina Defends Britney After Past Rivalry

Christina Aguilera is coming to the defense of former rival and Mickey Mouse Club co-star Britney Spears.

Aguilera says:
“Britney is a good person and a good mom. She’s been under so much pressure since she was a child. I don’t think any of us should judge her or jump to conclusions. She loves her boys (Sean Preston and Jayden James) and they’re turning out great.”

Britney Spears Filming New Video "Get Back" in Los Angeles

Britney Spears on the set of her new video "Get Back". Her fifth studio album is reportedly being released in November. There is buzz that Spears may perform at the MTV Video Music Awards next month in Las Vegas.

The First America's Next Top Model Winner Adrianne Curry Speaks Out And Keeps It Real

“As many of you know, Perez Hilton wrote some lame ass blog about me “acting” like I was hitting a bowl IN STUDIO at on “That’s Estertainment” ( He didnt get my name right…the name of the show…or anything else for that matter. No, I really was NOT smoking weed.

HOWEVER, I am PRO-MARIJUANA. I believe it should be 100% legal. I am a winner of 2 HIGH TIMES Stony Awards and I support the Marijuana Policy Project. Marijuana is PROVEN to be less addictive and destructive then ALCOHOL. Anyone who is shocked by the fact that I am pro weed obviously doesn’t know a fucking thing about me. I am me, that’s all I care to be. I could give a flying fuck less what anyone thinks about what I do or believe in. I want to vote for Barrack Obama, I think nudity is CLASSY if done in taste, I believe in God, I believe in being true to YOU, I believe that Heroin/Coke/Meth/etc is the downfall of our society, and I believe in the legalization of Mary Jane!

So to all of you who have freaked about this, a big one finger salute to ya! It was comedy, done at work, and was NOT real….but I DO believe that Pot Rocks my fuckin Socks…and I dont care if you do or not. Wouldn’t your lives feel a whole lot better if you had the balls to stick by what you believe in?

Rock n Roll, my friends….Rock n Roll”

America's Next Top Model, Surreal Life and My Fair Brady reality show star and model Adrianne Curry on her official blog.

Paris Hilton's Sweet Charity

Paris Hilton and her aunt Kyle Richards (who starred as "little" Lindsay Wallace opposite Jamie Lee Curtis as her babysitter Laurie Strode in John Carpenter's Halloween in 1978) were photographed in Los Angeles yesterday as they paid a visit to the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital.

Sweet charity indeed!

Lindsay Lohan Surrenders To Beverly Hills Police; Officially Arrested And Freed On $30,000 Bail

Lindsay Lohan quietly turned herself in to the Beverly Hills Police Department yesterday at around 4PM PST. La Lohan was formally arrested and charged with driving with a blood alcohol level greater than .08 and misdemeanor hit and run.

Lindsay was held for one hour and released on $30,000 bail.

She was released on her own recognizance and is due in court August 24, 2007.

In related news, Lohan's next project has been shut down. Production has permanently ceased on Poor Things, in which Lindsay was set to star opposite Shirley MacLaine, who also was a producer for the film.

Paris Hilton Developing Material For Her Next Album

Paris Hilton told E! News this week that she has been working once again with super-producer Scott Storch (who has worked with Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and 50 Cent) on her second studio album.

"I've been working on it with Scott for a few weeks," Hilton said.

E! also reports that Ms. Hilton has been taking voice lessons several times a week in an attempt to improve her vocal skills for this next venture into music.

Last summer Paris Hilton released her debut album entitled Paris. It sold over 600,000 copies

Happy Birthday Vin Diesel !

I remember when Vin Diesel used to work the door as a bouncer at the now defunct NYC nightclub Tunnel in the Chelsea section of Manhattan. It was like around 1996. He used to be standing at the door a lot with Jennifer Gatien (daughter of infamous nightclub owner Peter Gatien. If you don't know who Gatien is, watch Dylan McDermott's riveting portrayal of him in the biopic "Party Monster"). I used to see him working there frequently back then.

Now, Vin is a successful actor and an action hero for our generation.

And today, Vin Diesel (real name Mark Vincent) turns 40 years old
(July 18).


America Welcomes "Posh Spice": Victoria Beckham's Reality Show Was Actually Good!

I watched the entire hour of Victoria Beckham: Coming To America last night on NBC and found it to be very entertaining. Victoria continues to be very pretty (as she has been since her Spice Girls days) and fashionable. She has a comedic quality which keeps the show funny and witty. From what I saw on the show, she seems to be very devoted to her husband David and very dedicated to her family. Her three sons Cruz, Romeo and Brooklyn were not featured but spoken about frequently. Her unofficial catch phrase "That's major", was very catchy indeed!

A word of advice for Posh:

Be careful of strangers who work in coffee shops on their laptop, Victoria. Be very careful!

Welcome to the United States Victoria, David and family!

Lindsay Lohan Out Of Rehab; Vows Never To Create Another MySpace Page

La Lohan is out of rehab after a 45 day stay and she is wearing an alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet device as a part of her post-rehab plan. Last week, Lohan's personal intimate e-mails to Samantha Ronson were leaked out onto the internet. This week, it is being reported that Lohan's PC was hacked into and naked pictures of her taken by her ex BF Calum Best may be surfacing soon as a result.

Now, the MySpace page Lindsay allegedly used to write the steamy e-mails to Ronson with has been updated by La Lohan herself as follows:

"I DONT HAVE A MYSPACE! my old one was deleted, and im not making another. EVER. "

In related news, Samantha Ronson (sister of DJ Mark Ronson, who currently has a music video on VH1 "Stop Me" ft. Daniel Merriweather) is suing blogger Perez Hilton (real name: Mario Lavandeira) for $20 million dollars for his slanderous accusations about her (and the infamous Lohan Memorial Day cocaine car crash in which Ronson was a passenger) on his blog.

The infamous (alleged, LOL) MySpace page of La Lohan can be found be clicking here:

Lindsay Lohan stars in "I Know Who Killed Me", which opens next Friday, July 27th, 2007.

Rapper Remy Ma Arrested In Connection With NYC Shooting

Rapper Remy Ma (formerly known as Remy Martin) was arrested Saturday on charges of attempted murder in a shooting outside a trendy Manhattan nightspot, police said.

The 26-year-old rapper, whose real name is Reminisce Smith, had been sought for questioning in the shooting of a 23-year-old woman early Saturday July 14th at 3:14am after a verbal dispute near Pizza Bar on 14th Street and Ninth Avenue on the Chelsea/West Village border near the Meatpacking District in Manhattan. She turned herself in to police on Saturday evening and was also arrested on additional charges of assault and criminal possession of a weapon, the NYPD said.

Remy Ma's attorney was with the rapper as she reported to police."I ask everyone to keep an open mind," her attorney Scott Leemon said. "Things are not always as they seem." He said an arraignment would be likely be held on Sunday. A 911 call reporting gunfire led police to a woman with a gunshot wound. Three blocks away, officers discovered a luxury Cadillac Escalade SUV owned by Remy Ma; the vehicle had been involved in a single-car crash and abandoned, police said.

The victim, 23 year-old Makeda Barnes-Joseph, is in stable condition at a undisclosed medical facility in NYC. Sasha Tcherekoff, owner of the Pizza Bar, said a review of security videotape taken inside his nightspot showed the rapper and her friends having a good time before they exited. "The police have indicated to us that the altercation happened a block away," the owner said. "The security tapes determined there was no physical or verbal altercation while they were in the Pizza Bar."

Remy Ma was nominated for a Grammy as part of the Terror Squad for the 2004 summer hit song "Lean Back." She also earned the "Best Female Hip Hop" award at the 2005 BET Awards. She went on to a solo career, releasing last year's "There's Something About Remy", which featured the hit singles "Conceited" and "Feels So Good" which featured singer/songwriter Ne-Yo. She has appeared on recordings with best-selling performers including Fat Joe, Eminem and R. Kelly, according to a biography on her Web site. She has since parted ways with Terror Squad and release a diss song directed at Terror Squad's leader, rapper Fat Joe.

Horror Film "Captivity" Opens Tomorrow Friday The 13th

The horror film "Captivity", which inspired After Dark films to release controversial advertisements on billboards in Los Angeles and taxicab tops in New York City (ads which caused public outrage and were taken down and banned back in March) will finally be released to theaters tomorrow on Friday the 13th of July.

The film stars Elisha Cuthbert (House Of Wax, The Girl Next Door, 24) as a celebrity fashion model who gets abducted and tortured by a psycho stalker. The trailer states that over 850,000 people are reported missing in the United States each year, many whom are never seen again. Lions Gate and After Dark Films originally set the film's release date for May 18th before the date was pushed to July 13th.

For more information on the film, please visit:

Meet The Beckhams

International soccer athlete David Beckham and Victoria Beckham
aka Posh Spice of the newly reunited Spice Girls in W Magazine August 2007,
on newsstands July 20.

Happy Birthday Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez turns 29 today
(July 12)

Song Of The Day: Jesse Malin featuring Bruce Springsteen "Broken Radio"

Written by Jesse Malin about his late mother, an aspiring singer who waitressed most of her life and who died when he was only 18 years old. New York City native Jesse Malin and New Jersey legend Bruce Springsteen perform "Broken Radio" with timeless beauty.

I was thinking about another time still in my mind
When I used to know a little girl high on this world
Your baby loves you more than you know
Raised on rivalry and rock'n roll
Moving to the motor City soul
She lets go
On the radio
Well we never had a lot of cash
But we loved those kids
Some say that she missed the boat
But she just burned the bridge
The angels love you more than you know
Raised on robbery and rock'n roll
Moving to the Motor City soul
She takes hold
On the radio
Stomachache Sundays
And books we never read
Well I was hoping one day
We might meet again
She used to talk about astrology
She was born in June
She danced with singers and celebrities
Empty stars and the full moon
I was thinking about the universe
For what it's worth
Or the one about the Phoenix bird
That died and returned
The angels love you more than you know
Raised on robbery and rock' n roll
Moving to the Motor City soul
Moving to the Motor City soul
Sometimes I see her face
When there's no place to go
On the radio
On the radio
On the radio
Broken radio

Happy Birthday Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson turns 27 today
(July 10).

Christina Aguilera is Pregnant

Per E! News, Christina Aguilera is expecting her first child with husband Jordan Bratman.

This Week In Cancer Birthdays

Lindsay Lohan (21)
July 2

Pamela Anderson (40)
July 1

Tom Cruise (45)

July 3

Geraldo Rivera (64)

July 4

Nicole Richie Is Pregnant

Per several media outlets, including, Nicole Richie is 3 months pregnant and expecting in January. This adds a dilemma to the already complicated legal issues Nicole faces in August in a Los Angeles Courtroom. She faces charges stemming from her now infamous "wrong side of the freeway" driving incident, in which she allegedly admitted to police that she smoked marijuana and took a Vicodin before getting behind the wheel.

That means when I took the above picture of Nicole at "The Late Show With David Letterman" last month, she was about 8 weeks pregnant.