The First America's Next Top Model Winner Adrianne Curry Speaks Out And Keeps It Real

“As many of you know, Perez Hilton wrote some lame ass blog about me “acting” like I was hitting a bowl IN STUDIO at on “That’s Estertainment” ( He didnt get my name right…the name of the show…or anything else for that matter. No, I really was NOT smoking weed.

HOWEVER, I am PRO-MARIJUANA. I believe it should be 100% legal. I am a winner of 2 HIGH TIMES Stony Awards and I support the Marijuana Policy Project. Marijuana is PROVEN to be less addictive and destructive then ALCOHOL. Anyone who is shocked by the fact that I am pro weed obviously doesn’t know a fucking thing about me. I am me, that’s all I care to be. I could give a flying fuck less what anyone thinks about what I do or believe in. I want to vote for Barrack Obama, I think nudity is CLASSY if done in taste, I believe in God, I believe in being true to YOU, I believe that Heroin/Coke/Meth/etc is the downfall of our society, and I believe in the legalization of Mary Jane!

So to all of you who have freaked about this, a big one finger salute to ya! It was comedy, done at work, and was NOT real….but I DO believe that Pot Rocks my fuckin Socks…and I dont care if you do or not. Wouldn’t your lives feel a whole lot better if you had the balls to stick by what you believe in?

Rock n Roll, my friends….Rock n Roll”

America's Next Top Model, Surreal Life and My Fair Brady reality show star and model Adrianne Curry on her official blog.