Supermodel Naomi Campbell Reportedly Banned For Life From British Airways

Naomi Campbell, the premier black female supermodel of our time (don't worry...we still love you Tyra Banks!) has been banned for life from the airline British Airways after an alleged incident last week at London's Heathrow Airport's new and extremely busy Terminal 5, where the model reportedly became hysterical and enraged over the airline misplacing one of her 3 carry on bags.

This reportedly escalated into an incident where the supermodel allegedly pushed and spit on a police officer, resisted arrest and was handcuffed and escorted off the flight with the remaining two of her three carry on bags and then placed in custody of London police until she was released on bail several hours later. Campbell also reportedly screamed "get off of me, don't put your hands on me" at the arresting officers during the incident.

Reportedly, Campbell recently stated to the media that she feels she has been targeted in this incident because she is black.