Toni Braxton Hospitalized

Singer Toni Braxton has been hospitalized in Las Vegas, Nevada after reportedly have chest pains overnight.

The 40 year old singer of hits like "Unbreak My Heart" and "Breathe Again" cancelled her show in Vegas because of this health scare incident. Braxton has been diagnosed with Pericarditis (which is the medical term for a type of viral inflammation of the heart) in the past, which she has also been reportedly teated for in the past as well.

Braxton reportedly had a similar episode while on Broadway in NYC performing in the stage hit Aida several years ago.

Toni Braxton's show entitled, "Toni Braxton: Revealed," is set to go on as scheduled for this Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Vegas' Flamingo Showroom as a part of her two year contract (which began late summer 2006).

The singer is expected to be treated if necessary and released after standard tests are performed. Her incident is reportedly not life-threatening.