Mischa Barton May Avoid Jail Time For DUI Incident With A Plea Deal

Actress Mischa Barton (of The O.C. fame) is expected to dodge a bullet in court this Thursday and avoid any possible jail time she is facing by taking a plea deal that will also wipe out a charge of possession of marijuana (found in her vehicle at the time of her arrest for DUI on December 27, 2007 in Beverly Hills, California) due to the small amount recovered by authorities.

The 22 year old actress is expected to plead "no contest" for her DUI charge and will likely get 3 years probation served to her by a Beverly Hills judge along with 3months of alcohol education classes and a fine of about $1, 700.

Barton told Ryan Seacrest on his live morning shoe on KIIS-Fm in Los Angeles:

"Obviously I'm 100 percent responsible for my actions in this case. I'm really disappointed in myself. I don't know what to say about it, except that I'm not perfect, and I just don't ever intend to do something this stupid again."

It is widely reported that Barton's deal is common for most first time offenders like the young actress.