Nicole Richie Talks To Ryan Seacrest on KIIS-FM Los Angeles About Rehab Rumors, Paris' Jail Sentence

Nicole Richie went on On Air with Ryan Seacrest's KIIS FM morning radio show today and said she thinks that because she was not photographed by paparazzi for over a week, bogus reports surfaced she was in rehab for drug abuse and an eating disorder. Nicole said she was with her boyfriend Joel Madden on tour with his band Good Charlotte, not in rehab.

Nicole also spoke about her friend and "The Simple Life" co-star Paris Hilton being scared to go to jail next week:

Ryan Seacrest: "Is she scared?"

Nicole Richie: "Wouldn't you be?"

Ryan Seacrest reported on tonight's E! News that Paris has been breaking down crying and not eating as much and that her parents Rick and Kathy are worried about her. Nicole Richie told Ryan Seacrest:

"The way that Paris' whole entire case was dealt with was, A, out of her control but B, really unfair," Richie said. "Sometimes people just get exploited so I can only hope that doesn't happen to me."

Nicole mentioned that she is also nervous she may have to spend time in jail for her wrong-side-of-the-highway DUI arrest, in which authorities reported that Nicole revealed to them that she smoked marijuana and took a Vicodin before she got behind the wheel and was stopped by cops. Nicole says, "I have to deal with any consequences that come my way."

The case is still pending. Nicole Richie's next court date is June 8th, 2007 per CBS' Entertainment Tonight.

Nicole also spoke about her Memorial Day party/ barbecue last weekend, where Mischa Barton was hospitalized for reportedly mixing antibiotics and alcohol, which cause a severe adverse reaction. The party was said to have featured a pre-rehab appearance by Lindsay Lohan. Richie says she was not present for Lindsay's "five-minute" visit because she was at the supermarket "buying Sunny Delight."

The Simple Life Goes To Camp premiered on Memorial Day May 28th on E!