Open Letter From "Celebrity Daughter" To La Lohan


"Lindsay, Get yourself back to a STRONG rehab program, look up Dr. William Rader,He'll see through your "bullshit" He saw through mine. I'm 73 years old and just yesterday I got to celebrate 25 YEARS of being clean and sober. AA works only if YOU work it. Get yourself a good sponsor than won't take your poor little me stuff!! If you follow the steps and not the rails you might just prevent a train wreck. There's hope but you have to doit for YOU not the monkey on your back! There are good AA meetings in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, ask for Clancy! I found my sponsor in Beverly Hills.As a young girl I lived very near Sunset and Foothill, that tree could have been a child, God was looking out for you and giving you a second chance. You and only you can turn this around, Do you have the guts to do it?? Mixing drugs and alcohol is a double whammy. Why do I care? Because I do"

Posted by: "Daughter of a celebrity who is proud to be sober today,taking it one day at a time! " May 27th, 12:49am