Britney Spears Returns to the Stage at House of Blues Gig

Britney's back, ya'll! She looks amazing after her two children and the black hair suits her well. Keep it up Brit, you're on the road for a big comeback! Britney should come perform in NYC. I had the pleasure of seeing her perform "Me Against the Music" live in Times Square for MTV's Spankin New Music Week in November 2003 (complete with midriff baring top and a tan fedora on her head!)

Last night at around 10pm Brit took to the stage with her backup dancers. Britney's San Diego House of Blues concert reportedly lasted for 16 minutes and included performances of "Toxic", "Do Somethin'", "Breathe On Me", "I'm A Slave For You", and her claim to fame hit
"Baby One More Time".

This is Ms. Spears' first performance in about three years.

CLICK HERE to watch a clip Britney's House of Blues performance in San Diego last night!