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this is (a supporter) and I just wanted to let you know I too wrote an e-mail to the governor on your behalf. I just think this is so wrong of a decision and I hope he looks at this.
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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916-445-2841
Fax: 916-445-4633
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger,

I write this to your offices in total dismay of the judicial decision placed on Ms. Paris Hilton. I hope that you may read this and give a consideration on your offices assisting this with a correct sentence for this young lady and public awareness on drinking and driving. As you are probably aware, she has been sentenced to 45 days in one of your correctional facilities commencing the beginning of June. I find that this sentencing was imposed to show that no one is above the law and must be punished. The correctionial outlook should not be of punishment but of rehabilitation. I do know that you are fully aware of this philosphy as you have placed a new bill that will reform the correctionals outcome. I could not help but see the pain in Ms. Hilton's mother through television coverage and my heart goes out to her. I am a mother myself and it is not that you punish your children but you guide them into the responsible decisions. Placing Ms. Paris into a facility is not going to rehabilitate her or assist in a overburden system. This is only going to traumatize and have a possible negative emotional effect. I find that this was a poor judicial decision and should be overturned.

Ms. Hilton is not a common criminal and has not caused any harm to another individual. Ms. Hilton has showed that she has not used good judgement which violates the law and should be forced to see just how her actions could of harmed not only another individual but herself as well. This would be the appropriate manner to rehabilitate her from the infraction of violating the law. Placing her into an institution is not going to assist in this matter. With regards to her violating the terms of her probation. Only Ms. Hilton knows of her knowledge and belief of the terms of her license. I do believe that she may have been misled or misunderstood those terms. There is not crime in misunderstanding and being misled would place her as a victim. In any form she has deeply apologized for this and this should be recognized. Ms. Hilton is a very wealthy individual whom is highly looked at by the public eye. I feel that sentencing her to a type of community service that would serve as public message for not drinking and driving would be more in the line of what Ms. Hilton should be sentenced. Due to her high profile status I feel this would have a huge impact and benefit the citizens of your State. I also feel that a charge with drinking and driving should have a fine that should be paid to a non-profit organization which has a program to detour drinking and driving. It would probably be a good idea that all individuals be sentenced to do their community service to the non-profit organization in which they have paid the fine to. The fine should not be a set amount but should be an amount based upon annual salary or net worth. This would have a huge impact on the drinking and driving in the State of California. This would also assist in the correctional facilities which is already in overcrowding status and provide funding with more public awareness on drunk driving. I am not sure of the legal aspect of this cause but I am positive that the effects on my thoughts could have a huge impact on your State along with recognition of drinking and driving.

Ms. Hilton is a very unique individual whom could make a positive effect on drinking and driving. The appropriate sentence should of been community service for a non-profit organization which detours drinking and driving instead of incarceration. I find this would be more rehabilitative and would of created a positive effect on not only the citizens in the State of California but worldwide. I do realize that she has been found in violation of the law but I do not see the sentence given as one to which will be effective or justified. Therefore, I ask that you give this deep consideration and I hope that you will assist in making this to be a positive outcome.

(supporter's name)