Concerned Readers Comments re: Lohan's Crash and the Aftermath

Online readers have some things to say about La Lohan:

Jane Fonda is a born-again christian and so is LLs dad recently. The born-again thing can be real and is for most. I am beleiving that there is no coincidence in that. Her dad is for real in his new way of is a change of heart, literally...that you now see with God type of vision. Jane knows this too. I hope that Jane Fonda does get throughto her and her dad also. But truly she will never come to God (Jesus) until HE calls her. The bible makes this clear, that God woos us, we think it us calling out to Him, but actually, He has been working on us since we were born, when we finally call to Him and believe it is because we actually finally respond. Don't discount LLs dads new found faith. Unless its happened to you, you can't understand it. Her dad will plant seeds and so will Jane Fonda, but like the mess LL is in, the choice to now the things of God is hers and hers alone.

May 28, 2007 1:49 PM
Posted by:Anonymous

She has a disease which is just as real and debilitating as cancer and many others; however, this one isn't at least potentially 'cureable' and will be a life-long struggle for her. The odds of a 'successful' recovery from addiction during early attempts are slim-to-none. My heart goes out to her -and I have tons more respect for her than some of her equally famous "peers" who are in the same situation. You're human, girlfriend, and addiction's a monster; don't give up!

May 29, 2007 9:35 AM
Posted by: PhoenixRising

after reading all of these comments that everyone in their mother have written. It shows me that there are alot of people that r concerned for lindsay, and me included. I am a 52yo woman, that has been in the same shoes as Lindsay, but without the money, and fame. But I did have kind of the same friends, that didnt care. I OD'd, when I was like in my late teens, and my friends, that I thought were my friends, where no where in sight, except one. My boyfriend, at the time. When I came thru, he was the only one there, to help me. I was lucky, but Lindsay who knows if ur friends will be there. I quit, drugs after that. And I'm glad I did cuz, I was meant to have my sons, and grandsons!! What Im trying to say is that if u dont stop u wont be able to have these blessings!! I wouldnt want my sons to go thru what I went thru, and I dont want u either. May God Bless You

May 29, 2007 1:40 PM

All of these comments most of you people put down are absolutely heartless and uneducated. You people that are dissing Lohan have no clue that addiction is a proven genetic disease that once that invisible addiction line has been crossed becomes a disability/handicap, mental obsession, etc... Parents or relatives of addicts and alcoholics who are addicts themselves have as common a chance of passing on this addictive gene to their children as they do passing on the dominant brown eyed gene to their children. I am a pill addict myself and most of my family are recovered alcoholics or addicts who had to go to treatment and are now saving people's lives and/or inspiring those people who have lost or never found their identity usually because they have spent their entire lives subconsciously trying to fix their parents/loved ones' problems by pleasing them or being the picture perfect kid/friend/ taking that college soccer scholarship regardless of how burnt out they've become because they've played so long it's not fun anymore...but hey, subconsciously that kid knows that their identity will remain in tact if they play soccer or make good grades because they are comfortable with the identity they inevitably formed while growing up. Once this person's identity has been labeled "a great soccer player" for so long and they quit, they have know idea who they are anymore...Therefore, once they self medicate long enough (it's different for everyone), the regular chemical called dopamine in our brains that makes us happy dissappears and is replaced (which depending on how long, takes a long time to come back if ever). Once this happens and you've been in active addiction for some time, you continue taking the alcohol/drugs not just for the high, but just to feel normal. At this stage, without the drug, you feel uncomfortable in your own skin and are irritable, restless, and discontent. This disease of true addiction is so cunning, progressive, and fatal. My progression from taking 5 vicodin a day to 20-30 a day only took 6 months. If it doesn't kill you, you'll end up in jail, or an institution. Most proven way to beat it is doing the work in AA or NA...not your own way...I did that myself for 5 years and my best thinking got me into treatment centers twice. Addiction is a disease just like cancer. If you found out you had cancer and truly wanted to recover, would you avoid help/chemotherapy? So I think we should all pray the serenity prayer for Lohan.."God grant her the serenity to accept the things she can't change, the courage to change the things she can, and the wisdom to know the difference

Posted by Anonymous at 9:49PM
May 29th 2007