Amy Winehouse Says 'No, No, No' To Rehab

Singer Amy Winehouse has checked out of rehab for the second time in less than a week.

Winehouse left The Causeway Rehab Clinic in Essex again on Sunday night after a series of arguments with her spouse Blake Fielder-Civil, who was also receiving treatment. The pair left in a taxicab and headed to an exclusive hotel in central London, where they stayed overnight.

A source close to the couple tells The Sun:

“It is supposed to be a peaceful backdrop to help people deal with their problems. But Amy and Blake kept rowing and spoiling the ambience. While Amy would be welcomed back with open arms, I’m not sure they’d say the same for Blake. Everyone is really worried that if they are let loose in London again they’ll just go straight back to their old druggy habits.”

Amy's decision to quit rehab again is concerning her father Mitch and those close to the Rehab singer.

Sources said Mitch threatened to “crucify” Blake after he confessed that Amy had collapsed from “speedballing” — inhaling or injecting a mix of crack cocaine and heroin at the same time.

The source added:

“This should be about Amy getting help — but too often it’s all about Blake. He upset people in The Causeway with his behavior. It was the same when she was in hospital. He really upset the staff and wasn’t very welcome there either. They spent half their time arguing rather than concentrating on the job in hand. Of course it must be stressful being with your partner while trying to sort out something so personal and difficult. But this just shows why the family are so desperate for her to get help without him.”