Amy Winehouse's Rehab Woes

Amy Winehouse decided to go back to rehab in England. After leaving The Causeway Rehab in Essex, yesterday, as first reported by The Sun, it looks like the talented Winehouse is back in rehab.

Her publicist just released the following statement:

"Amy Winehouse is putting all her touring commitments for this month on hold until further notice in order to address her health issues. Amy will now not be performing at this weekend's V Festival in Chelmsford and Staffordshire. Her family has requested that the media respect Amy's privacy at this time."

Amy's first stint in rehab lasted for 48 hours before she exited by helicopter so she could reportedly have a brain scan in London -- and a visit to a bar.

The Sun reports that Amy did check herself into a clinic in Essex, but bolted after 48 hours and fled back to Camden. She apparently sought the help of a doctor there who suggested she have a brain scan, because she suffered a seizure during her overdose. They think she might have epilepsy.

After only a couple of days, Amy Winehouse had checked out of rehab.

A source said, “She wanted to leave on Tuesday evening. People close to her are devastated. But Blake wants her to return to normality — and we all know what their normality is. They’ve even been planning to meet friends in Camden. It’s madness.”

Amy's father was reportedly "beyond upset" and looking into getting a restraining order to keep her daughter away from her husband.
Amy Winehouse insisted she’s heading back to rehab tonight – and only nipped home to pick up a guitar.

Tonight her husband Blake Fielder-Civil admitted Winehouse has “a few problems” but said: “She’s determined to get well.”

Winehouse was rushed to hospital last week after allegedly taking a cocktail of heroin, cocaine, ketamine and alcohol.

Interviewed by Radio 1 today outside her home in Camden, north London, the painfully thin 23-year-old claimed:
I’m fine. I’ve put on half a stone and I feel fine.”

Asked if newspaper reports of her drug abuse were true, she replied:
I wouldn’t say so, no.”

She was then driven away by a female friend and gave the thumbs up to fans.

Winehouse, whose biggest hit is her song ironically titled Rehab, was said to have checked out early last night from the €15,000-a-week Causeway treatment centre in Essex.

But her husband Blake Fielder-Civil said:
“It’s been a difficult time for me and Amy, the fact is we are still together and going back to the place tonight. We only came back to get a guitar, but of course in the paper that’s interpreted as we’re both so weak we left after three days. It’s the inevitable way the papers are trying to put you down when you’re trying to do something positive. The main thing is that me and Amy are getting better. Don’t worry, she’s being looked after. We’re going back to this retreat. She’s determined to get well. It’s not as bad as everyone thinks but she’s fine, she’s loved and looked after.”

Asked about reports of the couple’s drug addictions, Fielder-Civil said:
“I wouldn’t believe it. There’s a few problems there but certainly nothing of the magnitude that my mum was falsely quoted as saying.”

His mother Georgette was reported as saying that Winehouse confessed to heroin and cocaine addiction and told her:
“It’s silly, but you just get carried away.”

The singer’s record company say she is suffering from “severe exhaustion”.