Why Do People Kick People When They Are Down?

Paris Hilton is expected to be released from jail a week from today, but the heiress is already receiving flack for last week's media circus in front of her home from her Hollywood Hills neighbors.

Two of Ms. Hilton's neighbors, Christopher Hauck and Anne Goursaud, are complaining that they are sick and tired of having her live nearby and everything that entails - constant paparazzi waiting outside, house parties and the helicopters that kept hovering that one day she was sent back to jail.

Now, Christopher and Anne are trying to mobilize their other neighbors, emailing their city councilman and considering hiring a lawyer.

A flyer stating this information was found near Paris' house this past weekend. They have stated that they are considering bringing an attorney into the mix.

Why can't this woman just be released and live her life without these blatant attacks from every angle? All of these people attacking her in this fashion are outrageous and ridiculous!