Paris Hilton Supportive Peaceful Protest Scheduled TODAY In Lynwood, California


A silent and PEACEFUL protest has been scheduled to take place on TUESDAY, June 19, 2007 at 1 PM Pacific Time in front of Century Regional Detention Facility on Alameda Street in Lynwood, CA where Paris Hilton currently resides in the custody of the County. The protest will consist of fans and supporters standing in solidarity to show Paris that we stand behind her through this very rough period that she is currently experiencing.

There is a 3 dollar parking charge for those who are driving to Lynwood for the protest.

People who are planning to take part should bring water or the non-alcoholic beverage of their choice and any supportive signs, shirts, etc.

This will be a peaceful protest, playing Paris Hilton's music and walking and talking.

Some signs can be created and exhibited and all Free Paris T-shirts (professional or homemade) can be brought to the protest by participants.

We are trying to organize about 200 T-shirts to provide. The best FREE PARIS T-shirt will be honored.

Scheduled to attend this peaceful protest arecast members from "The Simple Life" , many Fox and E! network executives, as well as many fans and friends of Paris Hilton.

Thank you for your support and we hope to see you there!

Free Paris!