HALL OF SHAME: Worst Offensive People In The Spotlight June 2007

Sarah Silverman, who ridiculed Paris Hilton (who attended the event) unnecessarily in front of the world with her insulting crappy jokes at the most lame Movie Awards show in the history of MTV. She also made some crude jokes about Lindsay Lohan and insulted our friend Spidey, Tobey Maguire. Both Tobey and Paris were more than nice when I met them recently (separately). SHAMEFUL!

Dina Lohan. As her daughter, superstar Lindsay Lohan, sits in rehab in Los Angeles for drug and alcohol addiction for the second time in 6 months, Dina is working on her very own reality show in New York called "Momager" where she tries to make Lindsay's little sister and brother, Aliana and Dakota, famous like Lindsay. DOUBLE SHAMEFUL!

Both women have exhibited equally disgusting and deplorable behavior.