Britney Spears' Father to Receive $2,500/week for Conservatorship Duties

James (Jamie) Spears, the father of pop singer Britney Spears, is reportedly receiving $2,500 per week ($10,000 per month) in order to cover expenses related to the court-appointed temporary conservatorship duties Mr. Spears has gained over his famous daughter's finances. Jamie Spears has sole control over managing his daughter's finances, as per the court, through at least July 31, 2008.

It seems like a bit much for an adult child be forced to pay their own parent (by order of the court and not by free will) that much money in order to care for their finances. Many are wondering if Britney's parents have dollar signs flashing in their eyes or if they are generally concerned for their daughter's safety and well-being. Only time will tell.

Britney's brother Bryan, has been appointed by the court to temporarily manage her estate and matters relating to her estate.

Britney's latest album Blackout is excellent; the best she has ever made, in my opinion.