Spider-Man 3 Premiere A Big Hit in Astoria, Queens NYC

The last stop on the Spider-Man 3 World Premiere tour was here in my hometown of New York City. On Monday April 30th, Spider-Man 3 premiered at a star-studded event at United Artists Kaufman Astoria Theaters in Astoria, Queens. The red carpet was not red at all here, but black to symbolize Venom's entry into the storyline and the darker elements of this film as opposed to the last two. Spidey himself, Tobey Maguire, who was extremely nice and polite, came over for photos and autographs and shook our hands before returning to his lovely fiancee . Lukas Haas did the same very graciously, with his beautiful girlfriend accompanying him down the carpet. James Cromwell was so humble and talked with us fans for a long time while signing autographs. James Franco briefly greeted fans before continuing down the press line. Topher Grace was quickly rushed through the crowd before fans in my section could even get a good look at him. And my favorite who I waited specifically to see was Kirsten Dunst. Kirsten wore a short cropped haircut with bangs and a gold dress. However I took no pictures of her. Nor did I see her face. I saw the back of her head as she was rushed down the carpet. She didnt even turn around or wave to her fans. She disappointed me as well as many of her fans. I only got to see her on the CBS News at 11pm. Kirsten...we want to see YOU! Next time, acknowledge your fans!
Also seen were: Susan Sarandon, Bill Paxton, Lara Spencer of CBS' "The Insider", style guru Phillip Bloch, Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima wearing some HOT 5" pumps, and Diddy (aka Puff Daddy aka P. Diddy) who showed up with his son Justin.