Rob Zombie's "Halloween" Prequel/Remake Completed; Zombie Axes Famous Theme Music and Driving Michael

Rob Zombie has strangely decided to abandon the famous theme music to "Halloween" for his re-envisioning of the classic 1978 John Carpenter film. Now that the film has been completed, Zombie claims the music doesn't fit the direction he has taken the film in. He also abandoned Carpenter's famous killer P.O.V. opening sequence as well as Michael Myers driving around Haddonfield, IL.
I saw the trailer for this film when I went to see "Grindhouse" (which was great) and I was less than impressed. Danielle Harris looks like the film's only saving grace as Annie Brackett. Everything else looks like a sequel to Zombie's earlier works passing itself off as a "Halloween" film. Hopefully the film is better than the trailer.