Breaking Anna Nicole Baby News: Virgie Arthur fined for wasting Bahamian Court's time in Birkhead Custody Case

The late Anna Nicole Smith's estranged mother Virgie Arthur was shut down today by a judge in a Bahamian Court for wasting the court's time by appealing the decision for Larry Birkhead to leave The Bahamas with 7 month old Dannielynn Smith. Virgie had previously battled for possession of Anna Nicole's body which caused a nearly 3 week delay for funeral and burial arrangements while legal proceedings in Probate Court in Fort Lauderdale, Florida were being held throughout most of February.

Most recently Virgie had been fighting for joint guardianship and joint custody of Anna's baby. She also wanted sole custody and guardianship of the child in the event of Larry Birkhead's death. The judge said he was "perplexed" as to why Virgie's case even made it to his courtroom and he fined her $3,000 dollars for her wasting time and effort of the court. Good for her! No wonder Anna Nicole stayed far, FAR away from Virgie. Like Howard K. Stern said last week to the media, "Virgie has proven herself to be everything Anna Nicole ever told me she was." Well put.

As of now, Larry is free to take the baby back to the U.S.