Mary-Kate Olsen's Statement On Heath Ledger's Death

Mary-Kate Olsen finally came forward to share her thoughts on the late actor.

"Heath was a friend," Olsen said in a statement Friday. "His death is a tragic loss. My thoughts are with his family during this very difficult time."

Olsen's name has been tied to the mystery of the untimely death of the 28 year old actor, after the New York Police Department reported she likely found out about Ledger's death before 911 was called.

Despite the reported four phone calls made to Olsen before 911 was called, an NYPD spokesperson shot down reports that Fifth Precinct officers and detectives were looking to interview the twin about her connection to the death of Ledger, telling the media that investigators have not and do not plan to question Mary-Kate.

Masny media outlets claimed earlier Friday the police were interested in talking to Olsen after learning the masseuse who discovered Ledger's body made a total of four phone calls to the Weeds star after being unable to rouse the Brokeback Mountain actor. The masseuse placed three of the calls to Olsen before ever dialing 911.

According to officials, 40-year-old massage therapist Diana Wolozin found Ledger unconscious in the SoHo apartment, where he had spent the past five months. Woolzin found his cell phone and began scrolling through his speed dial contacts.

Olsen and Ledger, who initially met in 2006, had casually been dating in the months leading up to the 28-year-old's death.

Wolozin managed to reach Olsen, who was in Los Angeles after returning from a brief stint at the Sundance Film Festival.

Reports have stated Ledger was already dead by the time Wolozin found the body.

Officials are awaiting the results of toxicology and tissue tests in order to determine both a cause and manner of death for the actor. The results are expected back over the next few weeks.

Wolozin, meanwhile, could be facing some serious charges. The New York State Department of Education confirms that she is not a licensed masseuse, which under state law is a health profession. A department spokesperson says the NYPD has been notified. Wolozin could potentially be hit with a felony; however, neither the police or district attorney has yet moved to file charges.