Heath Ledger Remembered At Private Memorial Service In L.A.

Heath Ledger was remembered Saturday at a private memorial service in Los Angeles attended by his family and close friends.

The actor's body left New York City on Friday to begin the long journey back to Australia (via Los Angeles), where he is expected to be laid to rest in his hometown of Perth in the coming days.

His parents and sister Kate were waiting in Los Angeles to meet the body and attend the private memorial in Beverly Hills, along with his ex-fiancée, actress Michelle Williams, and two-year-old daughter Matilda.

Ledger's ex-girlfriend, actress Naomi Watts, who reportedly passed out in the supermarket upon hearing the news of Ledger's passing, was also among the mourners spotted in attendance at the service, according to reports.

Lindsay Lohan was not reported to have attended any services for the late actor, who she once was reported to be casually dating. It is reported that Lohan was seen crying hysterically in public while walking through the streets upon hearing of Ledger's death.