O.J. Simpson Arrested In Las Vegas; In Jail Now And Being Held Without Bail

O.J. Simpson is sitting in a Las Vegas jail at this moment. He has been charged with multiple counts of armed robbery and burglary for an incident that took place last Thursday at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino.

Simpson and his entourage allegedly demanded that sports related items and other alleged personal belongings of OJ be returned to him by setting up a vigilante style sting operation that was caught on audio tape and released to the media yesterday.

Simpson, who was acquitted in the 1995 Los Angeles criminal trial for the murders of his wife Nicole Brown-Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman, faces a minimum of 35 years in jail if convicted on all the charges he is currently facing in Vegas. He was not granted bail because prosecutors consider him a flight risk with no known ties to the Las Vegas community.

The next hearing for the case is Wednesday, where Simpson will be present and bail will more than likely be brought to the court's attention by the Defense and argued against by the Prosecutors.